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About Us

App Dev League, a student-led non profit, is devoted to bringing computer science education to underrepresented students. We hope to

  • Foster support for students who lack CS opportunities
  • Increase diversity in the technology workforce
  • Empower students to make a social impact in their communities

The COVID global pandemic has affected billions of individuals worldwide and most importantly students’ education. By attending our monthly events and summer/winter programs, these students will have the power to make a global impact right from their homes!

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Would Recommend to a Friend 99%
Enjoyed Our Events 90%
Knowledge Gained From Events 95%
Would Attend Another Event 93%

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Want to see what skills you can get out of our events?

Intro to CS

Learn the basics of programming in beginner friendly languages such as Python and JavaScript

Web Development

Learn how to create websites with fundamental tools such as HTMl5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Mobile App Development

Learn to create mobile apps and games with an MIT tool called App Inventor (similar to Scratch)

Intro to Machine Learning

Understand AI and develop basic Machine Learning classification algorithms and predictive models

Backend Development

Explore the hidden side of websites and understand core backend concepts using Node and Express JS

Intro to Algorithmic Programing

Learn how to develop simplistic algorithms in Python, using concepts taught in the USACO curriculum


What People Say

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 How can I sign up for your free events?

    We will constantly update our events page with details about our upcoming events. All our events will be free, and you can view more information about them by clicking the "read more" button under each event.

  • App Dev League strives to serve the underprivileged community through a variety of educational events, such as workshops, webinars, courses, and camps. We also plan to hold a summit in the near future. More info can be found on the events page

  • Through our courses and camps, you will not only learn how to build websites and apps, but you will also have a chance to delve into other CS disciplines such as AI, Algorithmic CS, and Game Development.

  • During this COVID pandemic, many free resources have been created to provide free CS education. However, most of these resources lack 1 v 1 oversight and beginner-friendly content. Our goal is to provide free education in not only an accessible but also interactive manner to underprivileged children.


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