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Largest Coalition of High School Student-Run App Development Teachers

App Dev League, a student-led nonprofit, is devoted to bringing computer science education to underrepresented students. We specifically focus on application development and AI. Our goals include

  • Fostering support for students who lack CS opportunities
  • Increasing the diversity in STEM communities and the workforce
  • Empowering students to make a social impact in their communities

The COVID global pandemic has affected billions of individuals worldwide and most importantly students’ education. Through our various iniatiatives from a free teaching app to our monthly events and conferences, our students will have the power to make a global impact right from their homes by creating cool websites and apps!

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Would Recommend to a Friend 99%
Enjoyed Our Events 90%
Knowledge Gained From Events 95%
Would Attend Another Event 93%

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Competitive Events

Every year, App Dev League hosts the ADL appathon. The Appathon is the world's first Application Development Conference designed for students of all backgrounds.

ADL Appathon 2021

Monthly Events

App Dev League strives to offer monthly workshops, camps, and webinars on a variety of Computer Science disciplines with a focus on Application Development and AI. These project-oriented events are a great way for students to not only get introduced to a new concept, but also to apply it in a real-life applicable project.

Technical Help

Mentorship Program

App Dev League’s mentorship program is a tutoring program where students can learn Computer Science 1-on-1.

  • Flexible - Litany of topics and adjustable course agenda
  • Interactive - Engaging lesson slides, kahoots, and fun quizzes
  • Hands On - Numerous projects along the course
  • Personalized Help - 1 v 1 sessions with personalized content

Devnetic App

App Dev League is launching an interactive teaching app for students to learn about Application Development and AI through a series of interactive multiple choice questions, videos, as well as a gamified leveling up system.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 How can I sign up for your free events?

    We will constantly update our events page with details about our upcoming events. All our events will be free, and you can view more information about them by clicking the "read more" button under each event.

  • App Dev League strives to serve the underprivileged community through a variety of educational events, such as our signature Appathon event, workshops, courses, and camps. More info can be found on the events page. You can also contact us if you have more questions regarding the content of these events.

  • Through our courses and camps, you will not only learn how to build websites and apps, but you will also have a chance to delve into other CS disciplines such as AI and Game Development. Our competitive events like the Appathon and AppDev bowl will provide you with real-life applicable CS and entrepreneurship skills.

  • During this COVID pandemic, many free resources have been created to provide free CS education. However, most of these resources lack 1 v 1 oversight and beginner-friendly content. Our goal is to provide free education in not only an accessible but also interactive manner to underprivileged children.