CAMP Program


Community App Management and Production

The CAMP program allows organizations (non profits, school clubs, etc.) to have their websites and apps built within weeks. For free. Our goal for this initiative is to build applications to help communities, especially those that were hit hard by COVID and racial discrimination, in any aspect we can through the power of apps.

Program Benefits

  • Online Presence

    Having an appealing website for your organization, especially as you are starting out, is extremely important for your online marketing presence. Our developers are skilled with making visually appealing websites.

  • Free Service

    The mentors are fellow high schoolers (qualified) and can more easily resolve any difficulties you might come across. They will be able to relate better, as they have gone through a similar experience as you.

  • Community

    By joining the CAMP program, your organization will be able to access not only all the free benefits we provide but also our community of students, allowing you to expand your organization's presence.

Example Sites

ADL Appathon 2021

ADL Website

More coming soon!

Next Steps

Sign Up

Fill out the Application Form

Set up a call

with our CAMP manager

Meet with the developers

and discuss a timeline!

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