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STAR Program


Student Teacher Academic Resources

The STAR program is an opportunity for Title 1 (underprivileged) schools and low-income centers to utilize our free CS resources. These resources will be used in an ADL sponsored after-school program for your school. If an existing after-school CS program or class already exists, you are still allowed to join the STAR program.

  • Curriculum Hub

    Our team has compiled numerous 8-week (16 hours) sets of curated content on emerging CS topics like Intro to Programming, Website Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile App Development. Teachers are welcome to use this content in their classes or an after school ADL computer science program.

  • Devnetic

    On their own time, students at these schools will also get a chance to freely learn about CS through an interactive, gamified teaching app. This app is pending to be published on the App store.

  • Donations

    ADL completely understands that some students in low-income areas may not have access to computers and high-speed internet, so we will also provide the necessary tech infrastructure and monetary contributions to make programs/classes at these schools run effectively.

Program Benefits

  • Free Content

    No need to spend hours creating content to teach your CS students. With our experience of organizing over 15 CS events and teaching thousands of students, you can trust that our content is reliable and accurate.

  • Community

    By joining the STAR program, your school will be able to access not only all the free benefits we provide but also our community of students, allowing you to expand your school presence.

  • CS reputation

    In this day and age, CS is applied everywhere. Joining the STAR program will allow your Title 1 school or low-income center to develop your reputation as a CS school with the improved tech infrastructure (laptops, internet, etc..) and valuable content that we provide.

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