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Largest Student-Run AppDev Non Profit

What we stand for

Founded in 2019, we are a group of students devoted to bringing modern web and app development opportunities to underrepresented students. We strive to increase diversity in the technology workforce and empower students, regardless of their socioeconomic status or racial background, to make a social impact through full-stack development. We hope the knowledge we impart through our program will make a difference starting on a small scale to eventually a global scale.

Equal Playing Field

Through our educational workshops and Appathon, we hope we can equalize the playing field between students of all backgrounds. We bring these events to low-income centers, housing authorities, and Title 1 underrepresented schools. Everyone deserves a chance at a high-quality Computer Science education, and we hope that our services and programs will provide that to underrepresented students.

Project-Based Learning

Rather than explaining concepts in a theoretical or overly complex fashion like many organizations, App Dev League focuses on creating a project-based, practical set of workshops and events. By the end of any of our events, students will have actually learned the real-life application and will have built numerous projects.

Our Founder/CEO

Krish Maniar

Krish Maniar is a junior at the Harker school. As the Founder and CEO of App Dev League, he hopes to impart free and readily available education to students who do not have access to many computer science resources and opportunities. He leads a national team of 30 students to organize frequent events and develop free resources for children and schools. Recognizing the lack of beginner-friendly content online, Krish believes App Dev League is one of the first steps towards a bright future for underprivileged children.

Executive Team

Kabir Ramzan

VP of Technology

Kabir Ramzan is a sophomore at The Harker School who is passionate about software development. As the VP of tech, he manages the technological operations and infrastructure of ADL, as well as oversees most internal teams. His skills include full-stack web development and Python. In his free time, Kabir enjoys building apps for his school and developing his software company (TogaTech).


Zara Siddiqui

Director of Chapter Program

Aniketh Tummala

Director of MEET Program

Sarthak Dayal

Director of STAR Program

Kamil Pawlak

Director of Web Development

Desiree Luo

Director of Marketing

Anish Gupta

Director of Events

Officer Team

Instructor Team

Matthew Lau

Basic Web Dev Instructor

Joshua Zou

Advanced Web Dev Instructor

Aarav Borthakur

Advanced Web Dev Instructor

Aarush Vailaya

Web Dev Mentor

Pavan Yeddanapudi

Competitive Coding Instructor

Harsh Nagouda

Advanced AI Instructor

Chiling Han

Advanced AI Instructor

Reeva Khokar

Intro to CS Mentor

Kenneth Choi

Basic AI Mentor

Nolan Dagum

Advanced AI Mentor

Athreya Daniel

Basic AI Instructor

Lester Heredia-Gopar

Basic Web Dev Instructor

Outreach Team

Krish Mendapara

Grant Coordinator

Amit Karoshi

Video Editor

Pranav Gunhal

Event Coordinator

Panth Desai

Sponsorship Coordinator

Claire Su

Social Media Designer

Raisa Nirjhar

Blog Writer

Rashu Sharda

Onboarding Manager

Srivibha Madarapu

Social Media Designer

Nyna Pinnamaraju

Social Media Designer


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International Chapter Leaders

Passionate about what we do? Want to join an international team of leaders, creators, and app dev enthusiasts? Apply here.

Ashwika Sharma

Washington Chapter Leader

Nadia Michael

Ontario Chapter Leader

Oguntunde Caleb

Nigeria Chapter Leader

Angela Yang

Los Angeles Chapter Leader

Vaishnavi Kale

Pune Chapter Leader

Sahana Sundar

New York Chapter Leader



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