Code/Art Speaker event Mar 2021

Event Completed 🚀


At the Code/Art festival hosted by Code Art, we will be giving an informative workshop on the basics of Application Development. Not only will this workshop provide a strong introductory educational basis for students to learn about application development, but you will also get hands-on experience with MIT app inventor. This is a girls-only event, and prior registration is required here.

Course Info
  • 1 hour workshop
  • One-time event (not recurring)
  • Required Materials: Computer, internet, and optionally a notebook
  • Online hopin session
  • Note: this workshop is meant for girls in grades 6-12. NO prior programming experience is required. Whether you are intrigued by applications or need to learn it for a project, you are more than welcome to attend!

If you would like more information about our course curriculum, please contact us here.


Testimonials will be posted soon

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