Learn to Code Workshop

Event Completed 🚀


This "Learn to Code in 90 minutes" workshop will enable students from grades 3-12, with no prior computer science experience, to learn what computer science is and how to create simple projects and games. We will be using JavaScript throughout the workshop. Not only will you be able to learn more about computer science through fun kahoots, but you will also be able to build several hands-on computer science projects and listen to a professional speaker in 90 minutes! We hope to see you there!

Course Info
  • 1.5 hour long webinar
  • One-time webinar (not recurring)
  • Required Materials: computer, internet, and optional notebook for notes!
  • Online zoom sessions
  • Note: This workshop is meant for students who have NO prior coding experience. If you don't know Python but are familiar with another programming language, you are more than welcome to attend!

If you would like more information about our course curriculum, please contact us here.


I really enjoyed learning some basics of Javascript. It was a nice way to spend my time and the workshop was interesting.

- Anjolique

11th grader

I really enjoyed the "Learn to Code" workshop that App Dev League held in Nov 2020. They helped me learn to code and other people who haven't had any experience in coding. They made it very simple to understand and gave us an opportunity to create our own code and experience.

- Kevin

10th grader

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